The Right Skincare Routine: Collistar First Wrinkl...

The Right Skincare Routine: Collistar First Wrinkles

Skincare Routine Collistar First Wrinkles by À la Rox

We all want beautiful glowing skin everyday and taking care of it is so important! Everything matters when it comes to how healthy and radiant our skin looks – from what we eat, to the products we use every day. With the right products and taking extra care of ourselves, it is possible to feel beautiful in our own skin!

Skincare Routine Collistar First Wrinkles by À la Rox
Skincare Routine Collistar First Wrinkles by À la Rox
Skincare Routine Collistar First Wrinkles by À la Rox

Collistar Special First Wrinkles

I have been looking for a good skincare line ever since noticing that in the last year my skin has changed– and needs a bit more attention and care than my usual cleanser and moisturiser. I just felt that I want my skincare routine to do more for me and I was wondering what is the next step for my age – 26.

Some say it’s never too early to start using anti wrinkle cream and serum and I have seen so many products that look amazing, but it just didn’t feel like I need them just yet or at least I am not ready to think that I do (in fact, I am still fighting the occasional breakouts!). So while doing a little research– like every beauty savvy girl should–  I recently discovered the Collistar First Wrinkles Line and today I want to tell you a bit more about it.

Skincare Routine Collistar First Wrinkles by À la Rox

Why do I love this line so much? Well to start with, it is made for my age. Perfect if you want to take care of your skin, but aren’t ready to start using anti-wrinke products yet. The products from The First Wrinkles Line are gentle and hydrating, and contain all the right ingredients to help my skin look it’s best and prevent wrinkles. Yes, that’s right, because preventing wrinkles is so much better than treating them. I mean, of course, we all age, but some of us might do it later and more gracefully than others.

Another important aspect for me, all the products are paraben-free, suitable for all skin types and contain SPF 20, and natural extracts from plants that will help regenerate, protect the skin from free radicals, oxidative stress and photo-aging and restore it’s healthy colour and glow. Did I mention they smell divine? Especially the day cream, that has a very subtle scent, it’s a real treat applying it every morning!

I have been using them for almost two weeks now and my skin feels amazing! It is bright and hydrated, with a nice healthy glow. Here’s a small video I made, inspired by my new skincare routine.

The products from Collistar First Wrinkles Line are:

  • Brightening Cleaning Foam a water-based cleanser that tones and brightens skin. I liked that it is gentle on the skin, and cleanses it without drying.
  • Eye Contour Serum-Gel that helps with bags and dark circles. Always welcome!
  • Energy + Brightness Day Cream SPF20 , it keeps the skin hydrated and protects it from external aggressions, stress and sun damage. Every day cream should contain SPF, don’t you think?
  • Energy + Regeneration Night Cream, it nourishes skin and supports night-time cell regeneration and elimination of toxins. It also provides a controlled micro-exfoliation which removes dead cells from the surface of the skin.
  • Ultra-rapid Mask , for energy, smoothness and radiance with distilled apple water. This mask is a great “Instant beauty” that adds luminosity and instant glow to the skin! I like to use this at night, a few times a week, or before an important day, when I want to look perfect.

later edit: The newest addition to this line is the Energy+Brightness Sorbet Cream with raspberry extract, which I haven’t had a chance to test yet, but it looks great and from what I read it is definitely worth a try. 

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  1. Laura

    18 June

    you are sooo right and I cannot say it enough times. In the 20’s you should focus on a good cleaning routine and hydrating creams. Leave go complex products for later ?. I am so happy that in my 20’s I did just that, so now 10 yrs later my skin looks healthy and not collagen-less. My wrinkles are also minimal and the pores are not visible at all. Thank you, young me! :)

    • Rox

      19 June

      Hi Laura! Thanks for dropping by! I also think that less is more sometimes and a good product or two are so worth investing in to keep our skin at it’s best instead of trying to fix things later. Your skin sounds amazing, and I am sure taking care of it properly has a big say in it (although genetics might help a bit too, that is never enough!).

      • Bade

        21 February

        That’s really thniking at a high level

  2. Jessica Harris

    4 January

    For me skincare routine is quite essential to avoid acnes and other skin problems, as I have sensitive skin. I prefer stem cell serum before my make regime.
    1. firstly before makeup moisturising the skin is essential.
    2. Toning The Skin
    3. Exfoliating The Skin
    4. Lastly foundation for the Skin and the other makeup touch ups.

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