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Third Wave Coffee. Nero Scuro Speciality Coffee Roasters by á la Rox

Lately we hear a lot about single-origin, speciality coffee, pour-over brewing methods, latte art and micro roasting. But at the end of the day, how much of a difference does all of this make? It makes all the difference! Third wave coffee has elevated the simple act of drinking coffee to an art form.

Coffee beans from Nero Scuro Coffee, an artisan micro roastery based in Italy.

Yes, there is more to it than funky baristas and expensive coffee in small cups. Don’t just take my word for it, get out there and give it a try! If you are a coffee geek like me, chances are you are already enjoying this coffee revolution, without even knowing it. Third wave coffee is all about treating coffee as an artisanal food, rather than a commodity. It keeps things authentic and pure, with a more hands-down human approach, as opposed to speed. You actually get to know where you coffee comes from, how it was processed and roasted and why it has a specific taste. It’s a whole new experience!

Third Wave Coffee | Nero Scuro Coffee Roasters by á la Rox

Coffee used to be a mass-produced product, made with little care and attention as the average coffee producer had just one concern: quantity over quality.

But in the last few years the way things are done has completely changed. Coffee made a switch from commodity to an artisanal food. To me it really seems like a natural thing.. As our life get more chaotic and our time more limited, we often look for things that slow things down, to remind us to enjoy the small moments and bring back a more human aspect to life.

The alternative coffee brewing methods, like the Chemex and Hario V60 are relacing the semi-automatic espresso systems, and there are far less, but better options. Goodbye tons of syrup, sugar and milk (unless it’s turned into a sexy microfoam, of course). Hello pure, ethically sourced delicious coffee! Now you can actually taste the coffee, with it’s specific flavours.

And with the speed things are changing, the forth wave of coffee is not far, or as some say, it’s probably already here. Ad the relationships between farmers, exporters and roasters are becoming more strong, as does the role of the barista, who not only serves you the finest prepared product, with his skills and knowledge, but also educates you, in order to fully enjoy the taste of the coffee.

Third Wave Coffee | Nero Scuro Coffee Roasters

Nero Scuro is a Specialty Coffee Roaster based in Italy that I recently discovered. They offer exceptional specialty coffees, that are hand roasted in small batches, and they deliver to the Netherlands and most countries in the EU, for a great price.

After trying two of their coffees I decided to share a bit more about them for those of you who want to try something special, like the Organic or Reserve Collections. I tried two of their coffees:

Third Wave Coffee | Nero Scuro Coffee Roasters


The origin of this coffee is on family run plantations east of Machu Pichu, Peru. This is an fully certified organic coffee, sourced from a single region or farm, raised without chemicals or pesticides, which I think it’s amazing and one of the reason I wanted to introduce you to it.

It is medium roasted and it was great extracted with my V60, with a very different and complex taste. If you like dark chocolate, you will love this! It has very low acidity and strong hints of dark chocolate, and caramel.


This is a coffee from specific harvests in the South of Ethiopia, grown under the shade of forest trees, at extremely high altitudes. It is a reserve coffee, which means that it contain exceptionally favoured beans, that have have been deliberately set aside because of their exceptional quality.

And I have to say this was my favourite from the two coffees, because of it’s slightly lighter roast, and it’s bright taste profile, with citric notes of grapefruits, red fruits and peach. It has medium to heavy and the acidity is quite present.

Third Wave Coffee | Nero Scuro Coffee Roasters

Third Wave Coffee | Nero Scuro Coffee Roasters

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What kind of coffee do you drink? Do you enjoy this new coffee approach, or you’re still a Starbucks nostalgic? Let me know in the comments below!

Coffee: Nero Scuro // Photos: á la Rox

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