Beach Paradise in Costa Blanca

Beach Paradise in Costa Blanca | Travel Photography by À la Rox

Summer might be over, but our dreams about clear blue waters and gorgeous surroundings are endless. This is one girl’s beach paradise, getting lost in the beautiful surroundings and nothing else on a lazy afternoon.

Beach Paradise in Costa Blanca | Travel Photography by À la Rox

Costa brava is a beautiful destination if you’re looking for sandy beaches, small villages and breathtaking scenery. But my favourite part the hidden gems like these rocky coves, with an understated beauty waiting to be discovered. I loved spending there an afternoon accompanied just by my favourite beach hat and a maxi yellow dress.. Swimming in the warm and clear blue water, and being able to see the fish swimming along, is an amazing feeling!..

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Film Photography by Rox and San

Rox is an artist based in Spain. Her fine art studies influenced her vision and brought her closer to the magic of film photography. She crafts and captures her images through medium format and 35mm film photography and is not afraid to use other artistic techniques.