Dutch Style

They say change is good. And I couldn’t agree more. But nobody said change was easy! And we are about to find out soon! After four wonderful years in exotic Valencia, San and I will officially be living in the Netherlands before the end of the year. We traded our sunny apartment for a typical Dutch house (more about that in a post soon).

I thought the hardest part would be bringing here all our belongings- as in mostly my clothes and shoes- and finding a house that actually feels like home! But luckily we found a gorgeous two floor house that couldn’t be more perfect and all my shoes made it safely to the destination! Only when everything was settled, I realised that this is it, no way back! A whole new adventure is about to start and I and I have to admit, I’m both excited and a bit scared. A new country, new possibilities, so many dreams!..

Right after we were all settled in, a few days ago, I went for a walk around our new neighbourhood, wearing me new favourite bag from The Leather Satchel, which I seem to take with me everywhere I go! It’s so comfortable to wear and fits quite a lot! Here are a few snapshots..

I am wearing: Top & Shoes – Zara| Skirt- Vintage | Bag- Music Case in Royal Claret Red (The Leather Satchel)



Rox is an artist based in Spain. Her fine art studies influenced her vision and brought her closer to the magic of film photography. She crafts and captures her images through medium format and 35mm film photography and is not afraid to use other artistic techniques.