Kaffeteriet: Specialty Coffee from Denmark’s top Micro Roasters

Scandinavian coffee culture has been strong, passionate and deeply rooted in their culture for much longer than we think. The nordics simply love their cup of coffee, and they have some really great specialty coffee to offer to the world. Kaffeteriet is the place for a curated selection of fresh beans from some of Denmark’s top Micro Roasters.

Micro roasted coffee is the highest quality type of coffee available. The processes used to create this type of coffee involves a very calculated process of roasting in small batches, ensuring a perfect roast and a unique richness of flavour.

Specialty Coffee from Denmark’s top Micro Roasters

If you are looking for a place to discover what the deep-rooted love of good filter coffee of the nordics has to offer, Kaffeteriet is offering a good selection of the best fresh roasted coffee in Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries.

The nordic coffee culture is defined by very high quality beans and lighter roast profiles, that preserve the distinct natural characteristics of the coffee, so we expected no less from these coffees. But it is not only the roasting and the brewing that matter, but also where the coffee comes from. That way, we can fully enjoy the different flavours as a result of different origins, climates or how the beans have been processed.

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We are delighted to have experienced a cup of well-crafted filter coffee from some of Denmark’s top Micro Roasters: Coffee Collective and Holy Bean.

Most importantly, micro coffee roasters like to build a special relationship with the farmers that they collaborate with. They care not only about the final product -premium quality coffee beans- but also about the coffee farmers. Through direct communication and transparency they ensure that the coffee producers receive a fair price, and therefore better living conditions which is very important for the coffee producing countries, as well as for for the clients, who get to enjoy a coffee of great quality.


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