Koffiebranderij BOON The Hague

Koffiebranderij BOON The Hague À la Rox

Koffiebranderij BOON is a small shop and coffee roaster located in the historical Hofkwartier in the Hague, on the authentic shopping street Prinsestraat. It is a nice cozy place to have a cup of fresh roasted coffee and recharge batteries after doing some shopping in the trendy and design fashion stores in the Hague, or visiting the many art galleries around. I loved the way the front of the shop looked, with a big window and a blue frame, and in front of it was of course the Boon bike.

offiebranderij BOON was born from a true passion for the coffee culture of Lianne, who loves to roast coffee beans every morning, using a Giesen W6 coffee roaster. She loves to experiment and try different roasting methods for every kind of beans, and she’s always on the look for the most exquisite flavours and high quality coffees from all over the world. They serve mostly pure, unblended coffee from various countries likes Ethiopia, Brazil or Columbia. There is definitely a big variety of 100% Arabica  coffee to choose from.

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Koffiebranderij BOON, Prinsestraat 114 2513 CH The Hague // Opening Hours: Tuesday & Friday 10-18 // Saturday 10-17 // Sunday 13-17 

Photos: á la Rox


Rox is an artist based in Spain. Her fine art studies influenced her vision and brought her closer to the magic of film photography. She crafts and captures her images through medium format and 35mm film photography and is not afraid to use other artistic techniques.