The Doors of Amsterdam

The Dutch are known for the open attitude and lack of curtains, but another amazing detail of their homes besides the windows, are the doors. There is something magic about the doors of Amsterdam. They have character, history and they simply look pretty.

There so many things I love about Amsterdam, but lately I’ve completely fallen in love with the doors of Amsterdam. Covered with greens, surrounded by bricks, with windows, with detailed woodwork, pretty metal knobs or personalised letterboxes.. They each have something special!

I love to photograph them and peak in.. Sometimes you get to see some amazing details, like in this canal home with lovely black and white tiles.. The combination of old tiles and the subtle light, reminded me of one of Vermeer’s famous paintings.


Some doors of Amsterdam have bold colours, like this red door I stumbled upon one afternoon.. Love the contrast the bike parked right in front creates. And let’s not forget the charming letter boxes most doors have, with pretty engravings and metal details. Who knows how many letters found their way in through this mail slot over time?


Another favourite detail about the doors of Amsterdam are twin doors. I have no idea if that’s how they are called, but that’s how I always call them. Two identical Amsterdam doors are always a cute view, don’t you think?

Brief: Short travel article
Project description: Article Writing  + Photography


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