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The Essentials by À la Rox

In our daily pursuit of more, how many of us take the time to reconsider how many of the things we do and have are essential? The current issue of Kinfolk Magazine focuses on just that – essentialism and how this mindset can bring us closer to our cores.

” The heart of essentialism isn’t about asking how little we can live with, but determining what we simply cannot live without.” Margaret Everton

The Leather Satchel Company Mini Festival Satchel | The Essentials by À la Rox
Asos Sunglasses | The Essentials by À la Rox


I have to say, the idea of working out what are the things we really can’t live without and giving up the suff that only creates noise and clutter around us feels like a breath of fresh air. Of course, easier said than done, but when you’re about to switch from a two floor home to a studio, you realize that yes, you might have to give up on some stuff.

So it got me wondering, what are the things I really love and are essential for me? Instead of getting rid of stuff I didn’t like that much, I just picked out the ones I absolutely love! (you know those that you would grab first if you had to pack for a surprise last-minute trip!).

The Leather Satchel Company Mini Festival Satchel | The Essentials by À la Rox
The Leather Satchel Company Mini Festival Satchel | The Essentials by À la Rox


Turns out all those things I had around in my closet since forever for a few years didn’t make it..

Unwearable shoes I bought in discount or because they looked pretty (or both – who can resist a pair of sandals on sale at 80%off ?) or the old things I just couldn’t give up because of some kind of nostalgia, although they were totally worn out and I never put them on anyway, or that cute dress that is so stylish and elegant but I never find an occasion to wear it! Yes, you guessed- none of this made it in my suitcase.

I picked instead items that I wear all the time and still look great- like my mini Satchel (this this is just so perfect, from day to night it just works!) my favourite jeans, basic t-shirts and colourful dresses. Stuff that I love right now, and that I know I will even after I’ve worn them so many times! I added just a few cute accessories- the kind I love right now, but might get tired of in a couple of months. But that’s ok, then I’ll know it’s time to replace them!

I’d love to hear what are your thoughts on this?. Are you ready for some self-actualization, or you’d rather keep all your stuff?


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